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Talking Birds – The Whale 

Talking Birds is a Coventry-based theatre company with an international reputation for theatre in unusual situations.
The Whale is a gentle giant made of metal which swallows audiences one
(or two) at a time for an unforgettable three minute theatre show
This link below gives a glimpse of The Whale in action:
It has previously been to the National Theatre’s Watch This Space
festival in London, Kendal Mintfest, Grassington festival, shopping centres and many
more and new year will celebrate the Whale’s 10th Birthday!
A multi-sensory experience suitable for all ages , The Whale isfully accessible for wheelchair users, and has been described by audiences as “unexpected and fabulous”, “like
nothing I have experienced before.”
We invite you to take the plunge and see what’s inside…
For more information please visit : www.talkingbirds.co.uk


The Q (walkabout)

The Q





The Q is a celebration of the Art of Queuing. Four orange-clad Queue Enhancement Specialists – working for the mysterious Q Corporation – roam the streets searching for queues to admire, entertain and improve. They award prizes for good examples of queuing, bring order to shambolic queue structure, and give demonstrations of Extreme Queuing and (Boo! Hiss!) Queue Jumping.

The Q is an improvised street show whose light-heartedness can be appreciated by audiences of all ages, charming people into taking part in the performance. It is highly flexible, with the Queue Enhancement Specialists able to implement Queuing initiatives appropriate to the wide range of people they find, in any environment – adapting to whatever happens while they are there.

At once performative and participatory, it is also a highly visible and effective way of entertaining and managing queues festivals and other events, sporting events – turning the Queue into part of the experience, rather than a tedious adjunct.

Audience comments via Twitter:

“Loved, loved, LOVED The Q. You must go and see it!”

“We wore orange, we came to Brum & we joined The Q- it was fab!”

The Q has been to the City Park, Bradford as part of the Urban Festival (May 2013) http://youtu.be/WkGsY22TC6k?t=1m30s and will be part of Appetite festival in Stoke,Birmingham Hippodrome Six Summer Saturday’s, National Theatre London and many more ..

The Cricketers 

Two Edwardian players in full padded up, waxed moustached regalia arrive at a shopping Centre, park, town centre and prepare for a top notch game of cricket. Fielders,wicket keeper and umpire are recruited from the crowd and a series of Googlies, the odd LBW,and a Dibbly Dobbly ensue.

Unfortunately the Wicket becomes decidedly sticky after a loose ball apparently takes out a nearby window and a High –vis –Wearing Security Guard becomes involved.

The Cricketer’s is suited to Wisdenjunkies and cricket haters alike.

Trailer: (Birmingham mail) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWHe7tbC-_s

Recently performed at: Pilot Sites in association with Birmingham Hippodrome, Telford T Party,Warwickshire….


The OakMobile

Travelling tales in a big, futuristic silver acorn.

The OakMobile is a retro-futuristic spectacle on the outside and an immersive mini-theatre on the inside. Visitors are transported by a cast of intriguing characters conjured up by the resident storyteller and her assistants, and invited to become part of a living story about nature and the seasons in a magical 5 minute show for up to 6 people at a time.

“When I stepped into the OakMobile I became 7 1/2 years old” (visitor aged 53)

An “oak spaceship of stories” (young visitor)

A Festive Oak version is also available which explores different festive traditions, perfect (and weatherproof) in the winter season.

The OakMobile can provide an iconic centrepiece to outdoor events and festivals and was created by Talking Birds, one of the UK’s leading theatre companies, for a series of events by the National Trust. For more about what inspired its design see – link to factsheet